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This is Matthew Callinan. Matthew is the Exhibitions Coordinator at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery.

Photo credit Steve Magnotta, 2010.

Matthew will be taking part in NEXT: Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art’s Converge Chicago: Contemporary Curators Forum on Sunday, May 1 at Art Chicago|NEXT Talk Shop 12th Floor. The panel in which he is participating is entitled “Trans American Connections” and will be moderated by People’s Biennial Co-Curator Jens Hoffman.

Matthew will join other People’s Biennial host institution representatives from the four other People’s Biennial locales to discuss the process of shaping the Biennial through research and curation that looks outside the realm of MFAs and commercial art.

For more information on this panel or other panels in CONVERGE, click here.

Produced by MMPI, which puts on  Armory Arts Week, Art Chicago, Art Toronto, and Volta, NEXT showcases what is, well, next for the world of artistic and cultural ingenuity.

For the first time ever, NEXT will share floorspace with Art Chicago, creating a unified centerpiece for Artropolis, Chicago’s Celebration of Art and Culture, and capturing the attention of the contemporary art world from April 29-May 2.

Best of luck Matthew, as you prepare for your trip to Chicago.

In other exciting news, Laura Deutch, one of our local People’s Biennial artists, returned to her undergraduate alma mater Ithaca College to partipate in FLEFF, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. FLEFF focuses on sustainability from both local and global perspectives. FLEFF tackles issues of including war, health, genocide, the land, water, air, food, education, technology, cultural heritage, and diversity.

Laura’s project Messages in Motion engages Philadelphia communities, facilitating the exploration of social issues through the exploration of self. Essentially, MIM “works with neighborhood programs and community-based organizations to produce, distribute and exhibit short form documentary videos as a way to support and enhance existing community organizing work.”

Laura was a New Media guest at FLEFF and gave a presentation on her work and then spent the week there interacting with Ithaca students. According to this blog post from the FLEFF blog, it sounds like she was quite a hit-not to mention downright “inspirational”! Congrats, Laura!

In August, Laura and Messages in Motion will also have a residency with SECCA (the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art) in conjunction with the People’s Biennial.

Decisions are in!! Looking forward to the PEOPLE’S BIENNIAL!

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So it’s been a few weeks since Harrell left. He has been working tirelessly with co-curator Jens Hoffman and the members of Independent Curators International to process the immense amount of work they viewed in the Haverford area. The selections were difficult – certainly a lot of work we loved will not be in this show – the curators had to consider how the work from Philadelphia would hang with the art selected from the four other cities. But the votes are in. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the People’s Biennial!

Photo credit: Steve Magnotta, Intrigue Photography

open call report

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on Thursday we held two open call events, one at Haverford College in the morning and another at the Friends Center in Philadelphia later in the afternoon. I was nervous again about the potential for a poor turnout, but my worries were soon assuaged as the drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. came pouring in. we set up tables around each space, instructed artists to display their work and talk about it for 5-10 minutes. we moved as a unit about the tables with Harrell, Renaud, and Matthew in the lead (in the picture they are the three guys closest to the table). here we are enjoying a video made by local artist Maiza Hixon at the Friends Center. Read the rest of this entry »

we roll deep at hhc

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5 deep, to be exact, as i mentioned in an earlier post. plus the photographer, steve magnotta (more on steve later). figured i should introduce everyone to get us moving. this is the core crew from the week of visits:

on the left in the specs is James Weissinger, aka j weissin. j is the associate director of the humanities center. i got to ride shot gun in his scion for the week. it was a true pleasure. for the record, j got us to each visit before Matthew’s car every time. every time. Read the rest of this entry »

Harrell Fletcher on the ground

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so the guy in the middle, that’s Harrell Fletcher. Matthew, my boss at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, and I picked him up at the airport. he had only a backpack. I like a man who travels light Read the rest of this entry »

come to the OPEN CALL!!

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Harrell is going to be looking at submissions in exactly ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Hard to believe! Make sure you come out to one of the open call events on Thursday, July 1. There is one at Haverford College and one at the Friends Center in Philadelphia on 15th and Cherry.


Invite your friends! Here, use these… Read the rest of this entry »

do you remember me? you should email me sometime.

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I found this bike in the apartment I moved into early summer. some dude who lived here before me left it. I bought it for cheap. it has changed the way I get around, changed my travel options in Philadelphia (SEPTA, you were not cutting it). my bike has been especially convenient during the past few weekends when I’ve been exploring parts of the city I was not familiar with, putting up posters and, most importantly, meeting all of you. do you remember me? Read the rest of this entry »

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