Videos: Entertainers

YouTube – Charlie Sheen raises hell at Plaza Hotel
YouTube – Michael Jackson Sex Scandal
YouTube – Michael Jackson Found Not Guilty
YouTube – Michael Jackson 2005 trial Statement
YouTube – Michael Jackson Statement
YouTube – Neverland Statement
YouTube – Michael Jackson On 60 Minutes (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – Michael Jackson – Scandal 93 – Cancaled show in Singapore CNN
YouTube – Michael Jackson – Scandal 93 – NBC interviewing LaToya
YouTube – Janet Jackson – Telling The World La Toya Tells Lies
YouTube – Michael Jackson Crucifixion Part 1
YouTube – Farrakhan Speaks on Michael Jackson July 12 2009
YouTube – Casting Couch
YouTube – “The View” Talks about The Recent David Letterman Sex Scandal and Exortion Plot
YouTube – David Letterman – Dave’s Apology To Staff and Family
YouTube – David Letterman Extortion Details
YouTube – ‘The View’: Letterman’s Sex Scandal Prompts Questions of Sexual Harassment, Promotions & Favoritism
YouTube – David Letterman Love Triangle?
YouTube – Azja Pryor talks about Michael Jackson being FALSELY ACCUSED of child abuse and gives reasons why
YouTube – Katie Couric talks about Michael Jackson asking her out on a date!!!!
YouTube – Leno on Letterman sex scandal (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – David Letterman gives details about his sex life and strange blackmail scandal
YouTube – David Letterman-apologies to his wife live
YouTube – David Letterman Says Sorry To His Wife
YouTube – Larry King, Wife, File for Divorce in California
YouTube – Hot Topics- Larry King – The View
YouTube – The View – Larry King & Wendy Walker (11-16-10)
YouTube – Hot Topics-Larry King – The View
YouTube – Wendy Williams SAYS Nene Cheat On Her Husband – HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM
YouTube – Fantasia Sex Tape Scandal
YouTube – Fantasia Admits She Tried To Kill Herself By Overdosing
YouTube – Fantasia – Interview – Good Morning America
YouTube – Fantasia Barrino 911 Call
YouTube – American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino on NANCY GRACE (before her overdose)
YouTube – Fantasia Dating Married Man With Two Kids
YouTube – HLN: ‘American Idol’ 911 call released (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – HLN: Fantasia to wed married man? (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – HLN: Manager says Fantasia overdosed on meds (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – CNN: Fantasia 911 drug overdose call (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – Hot Topics-Jesse James Speaks Out about His Affair – The View
YouTube – How Jesse James Fessed Up to Sandra Bullock
YouTube – Jesse James: ‘I Lied to Everyone’ (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)
YouTube – Sandra’s Sad Story (embedding disabled, watch on YouTube)