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David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz (September 14, 1954 – July 22, 1992) was a painter, photographer, writer, filmmaker, performance artist, and activist who was prominent in the New York City art world of the 1980s.

Nancy VanDevender

Nancy VanDevender is an installation artist who uses space as a platform for mixing politics, theatre, and design.

Clarissa Sligh

Sligh’s early work, in the 1980s, gained her recognition as an artist who unflinchingly explored ideas that often challenged traditional values.

Andres Serrano

Andres Serrano (born August 15, 1950 in New York City) is an American photographer and artist who has become most notorious through his photos of corpses.

Mira Schor

Mira Schor is a New York-based artist and writer noted for her advocacy of painting in a post-medium visual culture and for her contributions to feminist art history.

Forest McMullin

Forest McMullin is a freelance photographer and photographic educator based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Christopher Makos

Christopher Makos was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, grew up in California, and moved to New York after high school. He studied architecture in Paris and briefly worked as an apprentice to Man Ray.

Melanie Manchot

Melanie Manchot lives and works in London and Berlin. She studied at New York University and at City University, London, before attending the Royal College of Art, London, where she completed her MA in Fine Arts in 1992.

Leigh Ledare

Leigh Ledare is an artist working with photography, archives, video and text.