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Vertna Bradley

Born in Mexico, Missouri, Vertna Bradley grew up along the Mississippi River in Keokuk, Iowa. Her interest in expressing herself through film/books is a culmination of 20 years of working in, creating, and studying mass media as a copywriter, author, producer, videographer, filmmaker, editor, visual artist, professor, and two-time Accolade Award winner.

In The Mood

by Stuart Horodner Lingering glances and sweaty palms.  Unzipping your dress.  Taking your pants off.  You have your memories, I have mine.  And the participating artists have […]

We Overfeed Our Heroes Until They Explode

by Michael Rushmore ’14 Lies, awkward press conferences, subsequent parodies, redemption or obscurity—yes, sex scandals are pretty enjoyable. Searching through YouTube confessions for Vertna Bradley, the videographer […]