Ayotzinapa. Chronicle of a State Crime

ayotzinapa_cartel_900px_espacio-texto-01¡Ayotzi vive, la lucha sigue!
Film screening: Ayotzinapa, crónica de un crimen de estado (English subtitles)
by Xavier Robles and Guadalupe Ortega, 101 min.
October 27, Stokes Auditorium, 7:00PM

November 5, Fleisher Art Memorial, 7:00PM
719 Catherine Street, Philadelphia, 19047
Coordinated with José Ortiz Pagán

On the tragic night in September 2014, in Iguala, Mexico, six people were murdered, and 43 students of the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School remain disappeared as the result of public forces/ organized crime violence. Since then, relatives of the disappeared students, supported by a broad grassroots movement, have been denouncing serious violations of human rights in Mexico. Despite reports and recommendations made by NGO’s and the Inter American Commission of Human Rights, Mexican authorities’ response has been insufficient.

The documentary film collects testimonies of students who survived the attack; it provides background for understanding public education reform in Mexico, and the criminalization of social protest. The film also discusses the role of the Mexican authorities and their connections with local cartels. Coordinated with Vicky Funari and ALAS

The project behind the documentary film

El principio producciones and the student committee of Rural Normal School Raúl Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa signed this public pact: “Mexico’s current political state fails to protect its people’s education and cultural developments. Amongst their actions is the disappearance of educational and cultural spaces, especially centers where consciousness leads to liberty and love for the people. Such is the case in Ayotzinapa’s “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Rural Normal School in Guerrero, which has directly suffered the ruthlessness of these political acts , which have arrived to the point of crime against its student populations. For this reason, we, “The Beginning, Productions in Cinema and Video”, cooperative society, have decided to contribute in reinforcing education conditions for students of Ayotzinapa with a public pact:

  1. “El Principio, Producciones en Cine y Video” agrees to donate 50% of its entrance fees attained through donations of the screening of “Ayotzinapa: Crónica de un Crimen de Estado” to the students at the “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Rural Normal School.
  2. In exchange for the donations, the students at the “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Rural Normal School agree to try their hardest in their studies and to always keep in mind that only through education, art, and culture will the people achieve a transformation beneficial to society as a whole. Likewise, the students agree to regularly report on the use and results of these donations.”

On October 22, El principio producciones delivered 70,400 Mexican pesos (4,250 USD) to Ayotzinapa students. This amount corresponds to the 50% of the amount raised during the screenings of the documentary film from May to October. In addition the organization Unión Nacional de Trabajadores Agrícola de Oaxaca (National Union of Agricultural Workers of Oaxaca) donated 8 computers and media equipment to Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School.

If you wish to contribute and make a donation please contact El principio producciones: gorva07@prodigy.net.mx
For more information visit:


Haverford College, October 27
photo 2
Fleisher Art Memorial, November 5
photo 4
Fleisher Art Memorial, November 5

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