Ayotzinapa Testimonials: A Conversation with Paula Mónaco and John Gibler


October 4

Multicultural Center (Stokes 106),  Haverford College, 370 Lancaster Ave, Haverford PA 19041.


From dozens of books already published about Ayotzinapa’s disappeared students, John Gibler’s An Oral History of Infamy. The attacks against Ayotzinapa student’s (Spanish) and Paula Mónaco’s Ayotzinapa: Eternal Hours (Spanish) are by far the more accurate, mindful and committed to human rights. Writers will be addressing issues of violations of human rights, ethics and journalism in Latin America and Mexico.

Paula Mónaco Felipe, journalist, and writer joined at a very young age the organization HIJOS (Sons and Daughters for Identity, Justice and Against Oblivion and Silence). As a daughter of disappeared people in Argentina under the dictatorship, Mónaco has been an activist for human rights in Argentina and Mexico. Her recent book Las horas eternas (2015) recovers the identity of 43 disappeared students, their families, and their lives before they were taken away by the state. She has collaborated with different journals in Argentina, Ecuador, and Mexico, as well as she has been a correspondent for TeleSur. She also has participated in audiovisual productions for Al Jazeera, TeleSur and Encuentro Channel in Argentina.

John Gibler, journalist, and writer, has been reporting last decades about social movements and politics in Mexico. His major nonfiction works are: Mexico Unconquered: Chronicles of Power and Revolt (2009), To Die in Mexico: Dispatches From Inside the Drug War (2011), Tzompantle La fuga de un guerrillero (2014), and his last book Una historia oral de la infamia (2016). Gibler has been working in human rights and social justice organizations in California, Peru, and Mexico, he has taught at Hampshire College, and University of California at San Diego (La Jolla), as well as he has delivered talks at various universities in the US, Canada, Colombia, and Mexico.

Lunch with Colectivo de Mujeres Luchadoras at Norristown


Talk at Haverford


Portraits of disappeared students by Ilustradores con Ayotzinapa

John Gibler
Paula Mónaco Felipe


cfe_img_6539-copyStudents listen at "Enforced Disappearance and Ayotzinapa Testimonials".cfe_img_6522-copycfe_img_6558-copy"Enforced Disappearance and Ayotzinapa Testimonials"


Trico students and local activists demand: “Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos”

Interview by Jissel Becerra Reyes and Gabriel Brossy De Dios Swarthmore students





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